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Skip Tracing

Finding absconders

Tracking Down People, Renters, Debtors

Skip Tracing involves any and all legal means of finding debtors, absconders, and potential witnesses,

Locating “difficult to find” individuals requires expertise in records review, database searches, and sometimes, physical surveillance.

As a professional agency, we employ several methods including building a complete profile of the individual sought, along with known friends, family, and associates.

Through research of current and historical records & archives, including former employers, school and military service records (when applicable), our team locates individuals who have gone into “hiding” for various reasons.

Skip tracing is often confused with the term “bounty-hunter” although the two efforts have no relation to each other.

Skip tracing services are often used by real estate agencies, landlords, missing children organizations, insurance companies, and employment verification offices.

If you are seeking to locate an individual who would rather stay “hidden,” then call our offices for a consultation and to determine how we can help.

Fees: $65.00 per hour + .50 per mile (travel expense)

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Skip Tracing

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