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Cyberbullying incidents generally refers to threats and intimidation conducted over electronic devices.

These situations vary from sending mean and inappropriate text messages to hacking into gaming or social accounts.

With nearly 95% of teens accessing the internet and using electronic devices, the incidents of cyberbullying and online harassment grow each year.

A recent study showed that of all youths between the ages of 12-17, over 37% of them have reported some sort of bullying or intimidation. A full 1/3 of those report it has happened more than once.

Tracking down a cyberbully requires special skills sets, databases, and training. These tools are not readily available to the general public and can often lead to frustration for parents.

Depending on the situation, some of these cases can be resolved quickly through a careful and supervised interview with the victim. Others require a more forensic approach.

If you, your child, or a member of your family have become a victim of cyberbullying or cyberstalking, then contact our team for a case assessment.

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