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Helping Mothers and Fathers in Difficult Times

Custody and Support Issues

If you find yourself in need of assistance when dealing with child custody or support conflicts, then contact our team for assistance.

First, our team is knowledgeable of the local and state court systems and the nuances of how the judicial system approaches these cases.

Second, you will want investigative experts who can work discretely and in confidence to minimize unnecessary stress on all members of the family, particularly the children.

Third, through the use of various methods including physical surveillance, records and database checks, and other strategies, we can help uncover hidden assets and income if you suspect a partner is cheating on his/her obligations.

Finally, providing you and your counsel with the appropriate physical evidence for courtroom presentation is our specialty.

Among all of the matters we investigate, child custody and support have lasting impacts on the family dynamic and relationship.

We understand and appreciate that this is an emotionally taxing problem that requires a skilled and professional hand.

Reach out to the Cloak & Dagger team so that we can assess your case, develop a strategy, and provide you guidance in ways we can help your situation.

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